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Your data & the new European Union (EU) law on privacy for consumers

Beginning May 25, 2018, the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives EU consumers more control over how their personal data is handled. In compliance with GDPR, we want you to know what personal data we collect, and what we do – and don't do – with it.

What kind of data we collect

We only collect what you gave us when you signed up for Anxiety Update: • The name you provided us (usually only your first name) • The email you provided us

What kind of data we collect

We use your personal data to provide you with information regarding self-help and treatment of the anxiety disorders and OCD. While doing that, our primary goal is to protect your data.

What we don’t do with data

We have never and will never sell or give your information to marketers or vendors.

Sincerely, Reid Wilson, PhD