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Self-Help Site on the Web

Take Back Control of Your Life

The Largest Free Anxiety Self-Help Site on the Web

Take Back Control of Your Life

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Welcome to, the Internet’s longest-running anxiety disorder self-help resource center. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping sufferers of anxiety disorders and their therapists find more effective methods and techniques to manage and conquer invasive symptoms. Feel free to browse the self-help resources section to find relief from your symptoms, as well as the online courses section for one-on-one guides and the online shop for additional products.


I’m Reid Wilson, PhD, & I’m here to help you understand your symptoms & find meaningful resolutions.

The symptoms of anxiety disorders can be invasive, interruptive, and leave you wondering if you’ll ever be able to cope. I’m here to help. I have collected over 30 years of experience helping others just like you and crafted the resources you’ll find throughout this site. Whether you’re just starting your journey to better mental health or looking for a new approach to your healing, I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

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OCD & the 6-Moment Game: Strategies & Tactics is a 4-hour self-paced online course designed to help you take down OCD. These free educational videos can help get you started on the path to reclaiming your mind and your life.

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View a selection of free educational videos on the topics of OCD, anxiety, exposure practice, as well as the Stop Worrying six episode series, and sample videos from online courses such as OCD & the 6-Moment Game.

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