The Generalized Anxiety Self-Help Program

The Generalized Anxiety Self-Help Program

In this section I offer you three steps that can be a central part of a generalized anxiety self-help program.

What is Generalized Anxiety?

Learn whether you match the symptoms and problems of generalized anxiety.  Also read a summary about specialized treatment with a mental health professional.

STEP 1. Handle your worries.

Repetitious, unproductive thoughts are one of the central problems of generalized anxiety. Here you will learn how to sort through those thoughts and receive suggestions to bring control to unnecessary worries.

STEP 2. Practice formal relaxation skills.

When you experience anxiety symptoms throughout the day, it is important to design a daily ritual of formal relaxation. This will help your body “learn” what relaxation feels like and will promote calmness during other times of the day. You can use pre-recorded relaxation tapes or practice a form of meditation.

STEP 3. Practice your breathing skills.

During times of tension, you need to learn how to relax in a brief period. These skills will help quiet your thoughts and loosen your muscles.

There are also medications used to treat the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.  Go to this link for a summary.