The Art of Persuasion: Changing the Mind On OCD

The Art of Persuasion: Changing the Mind On OCD

(1-Day or 1/2-Day)

How do you move someone toward anxious uncertainty when their heart, mind and soul are committed to finding comfort? Participants will learn a persuasive strategy—built out of whole cloth within the first session—that will frame the entire treatment protocol. Persuading OCD clients to adopt a new frame of reference is the therapist’s primary task. Those who succumb to the spell of obsessive-compulsive disorder conjure up a potion of avoidance and resistance as their only means to keep uncertainty and distress from boiling over. Two objectives direct their decisions: only take actions that have a highly predictable, positive outcome, and stay comfortable.  Altering perception–not adding technique–helps them change directions, because belief always trumps exposure practice. Then repetition of action in the face of doubt and distress is required to solidify therapeutic gains. 

You will learn how to persuade clients to voluntarily seek out and embrace uncertainty and anxiety as their ticket out of suffering. You’ll then learn techniques that generate positive motivation to develop mastery over their symptoms. These self-help oriented skills can be applied to the treatment of washers and cleaners, checkers, repeaters, hoarders, orderers, cognitive-ritualizers and pure obsessionals.

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