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Treatment of Worry and Generalized Anxiety

(1-Day or 1/2-Day)

We all worry.  It’s an important signal that helps us plan our time and efforts.  But for some clients, the noise of worry is like a boombox in their heads with no off-switch.  Worry is pervasive throughout all the anxiety disorders and it is the most frequent symptom among patients who consult physicians with psychological complaints.  This workshop will explore the fundamental structure of worry—how it ignores data that isn’t negative, how it squeezes out room for corrective information, and how it gives rise to erroneous beliefs.  Stemming from this knowledge, participants will learn a complete set of therapeutic strategies—physiological, cognitive and behavioral—for generalized anxiety disorder, based on the latest research.  These will help clients face the unneeded worries of GAD head-on and dispatch with them rather than trying to avoid them.

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