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What Sponsors Say About Reid Wilson, PhD


"I cannot think of anyone whom I would endorse more highly.  …a remarkably personable and knowledgeable speaker. …consistently receives top ratings.”

 Jeffrey Zeig, Ph.D., Director
Milton H. Erickson Foundation

 “His workshops are always extremely well attended and continue to get the highest rating in the Conference evaluations.”

 Jan Ross, Conference Director  
Anxiety Disorders Association of America

 “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  We are still capitalizing on the spark he gave us!”

Ben Furman, MD, Brief Therapy Institute of Helsinki, Finland Ben.furman@reteaming.com 

“Having organized some of the largest conferences in Europe…Dr. Wilson’s has been one of the best ever in my institute.”

 Bernhard Trenkle, Dipl.Psych., President, Milton Erickson Society Germany, Organizer of the European Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 1994  
(6000 participants).

“…delighted a packed house of mental health practitioners…able to articulately and humorously impart practical knowledge…  His handouts were superb.”

Richard Whiteside, MSW, Massey University, Auckland, NZ

 "...one of our faculty for fourteen years...evaluations consistently reflected their highest appreciation of his teaching ability, which includes humor, a warm and comfortable personal style, concise and organized presentation of information and the gift of making complex skill and theories accessible."

Vann Joines, PhD., President
Southeast Institute, Chapel Hill, NC, 919-929-1171

“…an excellent workshop… demonstrated an exceptional blend of science and practice.”

 Dr. Peter Joyce, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychological Medicine, Christchurch, New Zealand

"...a wonderful and successful workshop...  received our best evaluations... an overall score of 4.9, with 5 being Excellent. Humor and relaxed style, while paying attention to detail, organization, and being well prepared”

 Lauranell Scarfo, MSW, LCSW, 2003 Program Chair, Graduate School of Social Work Alumni Association, Portland State University

“…an outstanding teacher and thinker… thorough and clear… an excellent balance of theory and clinical practice.  Never boring, full of clinical wisdom and wit, anyone with an interest in treating anxiety disorders should not pass up an opportunity to learn from Reid Wilson.”

 Lynn Mollick, Ph.D., N.J. Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

"…sold out with more than 200 registrants…an excellent presentation…well informed on the latest research and treatments…very entertaining teaching style."

 Robert Siegmann, LCSW, MBA, Solutions Training Institute, Columbus, IN (2001)

“…one of the highest rated presenters in the history of our agency's professional workshop series."  

Deena Gerber, Executive Director, Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans

 “…a first-rate workshop for over 300 participants…the highest ratings, to date, for all of our workshop speakers…” 

Wendy Sherrard, MA, London Health Sciences Centre, Ontario, Canada

"The attendance exceeded our expectations.  We were very pleased.”

 Neil Young, MSW, Heartland Promotions, Regina, Saskatchewan

“The workshop was sold out, and received rave reviews by the participants (the highest ratings we have ever had).” 

Deborah Dobson, Ph.D.,
Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, Canada

“The attendance (385 persons) surpassed our expectations.  98% percent of participants rated the training, and Dr. Wilson as a speaker, as excellent or very good.”

 Judy Oleniuk, Ph.D.,  
North York General Hospital, Ontario, Canada

 “…a ‘two-thumbs up’ presenter… a definite program highlight…rated our most popular conference speaker.”

Joel Goldberg, Ph.D., Convention Committee Chair
Ontario Psychological Association

“…a very innovative teacher …a superb resource for training.  We will continue to work with him in the future.” 

Dave Wilks, M.A., Associate Director  
Mountain Area Health Education Center, Asheville, NC

“…full of innovative approaches.  We are looking forward to Dr. Wilson’s next visit.”

Kristen Kulavich, Marketing Department  
Mountain View Hospital, Gadsden, AL  

“Our community wants to come away from conferences with expertise in both the details of a disorder and the treatment of people with that disorder. He gave us both of these perfectly and effectively. His presentation was dynamic and very engaging. He received rave reviews. Dr. Wilson is a tremendous resource.” 

Sharon E. Friedman, LCSW, Executive Director
Montgomery County Mental Health, Rockville, MD

"We received very positive responses from out participants, who evaluated Dr. Wilson as having great expertise as well as a great sense of humor. He shared a wealth of information. It is often difficult to engage 250 people from a stage, but he did it well!"

Elizabeth Taylor-Huey, LCSW, Director
Master Therapist Workshop Series, Department of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut Medical School 

"...one of the most competent teachers in the field...a very elegant and relaxing style...offers all you need to know to defeat anxiety and Panic."

Camillo Loriedo, MD.  Professor of Psychiatry
University of Rome, Rome, Italy

"...informative, practical and inspirational.   ...many tools to utilize immediately in their practice.  ...delivered with humor and creativity.  I would not hesitate to invite him back again."

Cheryl Bell-Gadsby, MA., R.C.C., Program Coordinator, Justice Institute of BC, New Westminster, B.C. 

"...an engaging speaker who knows how to captivate his audience!  ...should be commended for his warmth and interaction with the attendees."

Wendy Pierce, Assistant Director, The Spurwink Institute, New Gloucester, ME.  207-688-4573x118

"[His] energy and enthusiasm were wonderful. We valued both the amount of information he presented and his expertise.  Reid Wilson delivers on what he promises, and MORE!"

 Andrew M. Gruler, LMSW, Program Chair, South Carolina Society of Clinical Social Work,