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Your 1-Day Course for Anxious Worries & Obsessions

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Introduction to Course

Filmed in front of a live audience

Become a virtual participant as internationally-acclaimed psychologist Dr. Reid Wilson teaches how to move past your worries and gain mastery over your anxiety.

  • Rapidly learn new, simple tools that will give you your best results
  • Combine basic physics with cutting-edge neuroscience to transform your relationship with fear
  • Talk to yourself in surprising ways that will unleash powerful resources within your brain
  • Find the courage to dominate over anxiety and OCD
  • Handle those unwanted, frightening worries that stand between you and your positive future
  • Apply a single shift in your attitude to give you renewed strength and determination

About Dr. Wilson

Reid Wilson, PhD, is founder of the free self-help site anxieties.com. He is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in treating the anxiety disorders and OCD for 35 years. He has been developing a self-help approach his entire career and has authored and co-authored six self-help books: Stopping the Noise in Your Head; Don't Panic; Stop Obsessing!; Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents; Facing Panic; and Playing with Anxiety. He serves as the expert on anxiety for WebMD’s Mental Health Community as well as an expert for Psychology Today. He has presented his self-help strategies on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN, The Katie Show, A&E’s Hoarders, and MTV’s True Life.


Encouragement from others like you

“I know that the anxiety/panic will rear its ugly head again. BUT the difference is I now have the tools to handle it. Be very excited for the possibilities of living life with FREEDOM from anxiety!” ~Elsie L., Colorado
“I am leaving this course filled with hope and a toolkit of new strategies.” ~Luis M., California
“Trust the process. It really does work. And trust Dr. Wilson. He really knows what he’s talking about.” ~Artura W., Texas
“Do your best to stay open-minded & work hard at practicing. Your efforts will pay off, & you will be further on your road to getting your life back.” ~Alexandra C., North Carolina
“Dr. Wilson has given me hope that it can be done, it just takes a lot of determination. You got this, & good luck! You will do great.” ~Shala N., Georgia
“Don’t let OCD run your life – take it back starting now, with Dr. Wilson’s guidance. Go for it!” ~Patrick H., Minnesota
“I’ve suffered with anxiety attacks & social phobia most of my life. For years I’ve approached this illness the wrong way! Listen to & practice what Dr. Wilson teaches you, & I promise you’ll get stronger.” ~Ginger G., Vermont
“This is a tremendous class for giving you the tools to be able to handle any difficult, anxiety-provoking experience." ~Karen A., Washington, DC

What experts are saying about the course

"Dr. Reid Wilson, one of the leaders in the country in the cutting-edge treatment of anxiety disorders & OCD, has advanced the field by making his evidence-based interventions accessible to everybody through this superbly crafted course."

David H. Barlow, Ph.D.
Founder, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders, Boston University

"This innovative program builds on both mindfulness & cognitive-behavioral therapy to help those struggling with anxiety to become ready, willing & able to step forward & make needed life changes, even when the mind tells us to run the other way."

Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.
Foundation Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Nevada

"Dr. Wilson has been the premier innovator & communicator in our field, generously sharing decades of his insights. Anyone who treats anxiety disorders should know his work & pass it along."

Sally Winston, Psy.D.
Co-Director, Anxiety & Stress Disorders, Institute of Maryland

"This online course is just what the doctor ordered for those struggling with anxiety. World-renowned psychologist Reid Wilson provides a step-by-step guide to conquering your fears & enriching your life."

Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.
Director, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, New York, NY

"Dr. Wilson's terrific program will help you learn about anxiety & worry, & prepare you to take on these problems using evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)."

Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

Ready to start enjoying the activities you've long avoided?

Here's What You'll Learn in this 5-Level Course


Level 1

What you ABSOLUTELY Have to Know about How Anxiety Dominates You

  • How Anxiety Uses Basic Human Nature Against You
  • The 4 Forces of Anxiety
  • The 3 Decisions You Automatically Make that Keep You Stuck
  • How You Follow Anxiety's 4 Rules & How That Guarantees You Will Lose

More about Level 1

Anxiety is a clever challenger with a secret weapon. It uses logic, common sense, and our healthy neurological responses to manipulate us. It studies what is most important to us, what we value, and what we want in our future. And then it turns all that against us. Once you can see these strategies, then you can turn the tables on Anxiety and OCD.

Level 2

Your REQUIRED Move: Step Back

  • The 4 Ways You MUST Step Back
  • Do I Treat It as a Signal? Or Noise?
  • How We All Resist - The 'Getting Rid Of' Problem
  • Why You Should Step AWAY from Your Worries
  • Now Step UP to this New Perspective on Anxiety

More about Level 2

Anxiety wants us to react to every obsession, every fearful thought and every uncomfortable sensation as though it is a signal of threat. It needs us to avoid specific “dangers” so that we can feel safe and comfortable. You are going to learn how to turn down the volume of that distracting noise. Then you’ll have a chance to focus your attention on taking back your life.

Level 3

Your PARADOXICAL Move: Want It

  • The Best Tactics to Win Back Your Life
  • Why You DON'T Need to Relax to Get Control
  • The Secret (and Surprising) Powers of Your Brain's Working Memory
  • The How-To Guide for Succeeding with Self-Talk

More about Level 3

This powerful shift will completely change your relationship with your symptoms. It’s absolutely opposite of your current stance—“Stop these symptoms!” You will learn how this move fits into the unshakable logic of physics and takes advantage of the incredible power of your brain’s working memory. When you take command of your self-talk, moment-by-moment, you win over Anxiety and OCD.

Level 4

Your AGGRESSIVE Move: Step Forward

  • The Paradoxical Attitude of Wanting to Step Forward
  • Amygdala! Are You Listening?
  • How to Transform Fear
  • What It Looks Like to be 'All In'

More about Level 4

Your most valuable skill will not be some special trick or technique. Instead, it comes from the best that cutting-edge neuroscience has to offer us and includes a simple yet profound shift in your attitude as you step forward. One of the many benefits will be your ability to train your brain’s limbic system to secrete less of the anxiety-inducing hormone epinephrine.

Level 5

Your MOST CLEVER Move: Be Cunning

  • The 'Act As Though' Tactic
  • Learn this Cunning Way to Make Anxiety Do the Work
  • How to Score Points Against Anxiety & OCD
  • 'Is It Going to Go Away Eventually?' and Other Questions Answered
  • What We Can Learn from The Noise In Your Head Video Series

More about Level 5

You’ll study some shrewd skills for pushing into Anxiety’s territory, including the rule to “only do what you want to do” and the cunning ploy of talking directly to your challenger. You’ll learn a quick and simple way to practice our plan using a game-like strategy of scoring against Anxiety and OCD moment-by-moment. Then, see the whole package in action in the 28-minute, 6-episode fictional series, The Noise in Your Head.

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

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