Win Over Panic Attacks One Small Step at a Time

These guidelines are for anyone who desires to control anxiety attacks and improve their ability to confront situations they currently avoid. This section will help those whose problems occur within panic disorder, a phobia, asthma, premenstrual syndrome, depression, or any of the other physical or emotional difficulties mentioned in this self-help program.

Here are the topics we will cover.  Begin at the first one - "Set your long-term goals" - and progress through the fourth one - "How to practice your skills".

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The Don't Panic Self-Help Kit, Section P: Handle Your Physical Symptom


The Don't Panic Self-Help Kit, Section "Start Here": How to Design Your Own Program


Don't Panic, Chapter 19. Face Panic

Set Your Long-Term Goals Against Panic
How to Create Short-Term Goals Against Panic
Create Short-Term Tasks to Beat Panic Attacks
Here's How to Practice Your Skills At Overcoming Panic