Your Parental Worry Is Here to Stay


We cannot eliminate our worries about our children. But we can address them. On the September 11th episode of ABC’s The View, an all-too-common conversation resurfaced amongst the hosts: parental … Read more

How We Talk Ourselves into Worry


Catastrophizing makes us worry-making machines. Photo by Daniel Tausis on Unsplash You’re strolling down the sidewalk, totally relaxed. You’re not on guard, for there’s no reason to be. Suddenly and … Read more

Learn to Love Your Amygdala


That panic button in your brain is operating just as intended. Your mind has a brilliant capacity to respond to threat instantly and subconsciously. If you think of your brain … Read more

Use Absurd Talk to Take Control


Adopt a competitive spirit with your challenger, OCD. Photo by Michelen Studios on Unsplash The alarm clock glows pale green in an otherwise pitch-black room. It’s minutes after 2AM, and … Read more

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Let Worry Motivate Your Next Move


Legitimate worries are a stimulus to act. Hurricane preparedness was on the minds of Texans, Floridians, and folks in the Caribbean this past August as hurricanes Harvey and Irma gained momentum … Read more