Online Self-Help Courses

Online Self-Help Courses

I’ve been helping sufferers of anxiety disorders overcome their symptoms for over 30 years. From that time, I have refined treatment options based on what I know works and what doesn’t work. I want you to have the power to take back control and tackle the invasive symptoms that get in the way of living your best life. Below you will find my latest online self-help courses that empower you to get your life back.


OCD & the 6-Moment Game

OCD & the 6-Moment Game: Strategies & Tactics is a 4-hour self-paced online course designed to help you take down OCD. These free educational videos can help get you started on the path to reclaiming your mind and your life.

Stop Worrying

Become a virtual participant as internationally-acclaimed psychologist Dr. Reid Wilson teaches how to move past your worries and gain mastery over your anxiety.