OCD & the 6-Moment Game

Learn the self-help strategies of exposure treatment

OCD & the 6-Moment Game: Strategies & Tactics

A 4-Hour Video Series Designed to Help You Take Down OCD


I’m Dr. Reid Wilson, a clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders for more than 35 years. Self-help is step one in the treatment process – and it has been the primary focus of my career. Now I want to teach you everything I know.

  • Are you losing your battle against OCD? Learn how to finally assert control over the disorder.
  • Are you feeling defeated by OCD? Together we can revive your motivation.
  • Are you threatened by exposure treatment? Adopt a brand new set of tactics to help you step forward with less suffering.

How do you put these strategies into action?

Watch my 4-hour self-help video course, designed specifically for those struggling with OCD

Follow along with the complete written transcript of my course

Apply your new skills with your own self-help workbook

No more playing by OCD’s phony rules!

As your coach through this process, I will guide you through this new strategy and give you all the tools you need to start winning this mental health game.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has 3 basic moves.

We’ll study them together, and then I’ll teach you how to counter them with simple but powerful tactics.

You win over OCD moment-by-moment. I’ll tell you why.

This work is not about three months from now. It’s about right now. From all my study of the physiology of fear, here’s my biggest takeaway: to modify your neurology (and that’s precisely what we need to do), you must pay attention to the present moment.

Yes, you can change your brain!

And thanks to neuroscientists, we now know how to produce change more efficiently. We’re going to target specific areas of your brain by forcing them to adapt to our challenges. You’ll learn how to go after the disorder by modifying what you think, what you feel, and what you do.

Enough with OCD taking, taking, taking from you. It’s time to go on the offensive.

Taking down OCD will require determination, and I’ll give you the tools to stay motivated. But the greatest way to sustain your motivation is to alter your approach. Don’t just do the work. Do the work with attitude.

Remember: You are NOT alone.

You may feel like no one understands what you’re going through. But it’s simply not true. Millions of people struggle with OCD – and the three characters in our video series depict some of the most common manifestations of OCD. Like you, they can apply these new tactics to courageously push forward and begin taking their lives back.

OCD wreaks significant damage on individuals like Sonya as well as their families. When you believe that you must do your rituals to protect others, you feel like you’re constantly underwater. But Sonya steps back and adopts a new attitude that will change her life forever.

To make a decision when any choice feels too costly… this is Conrad’s dilemma. He worries and overanalyzes, hounded by fearful thoughts about the future. With a new set of tactics at his disposal, he learns how to assert control over OCD.

Putting her life on hold has always been the hardest part for Libby. Once she figures out a new strategy, she commits herself to it 100%. The work isn’t easy, and there are hurdles along the way, but she never resigns from her ultimate goal. Her future is worth it.


The E-Book

To help you review your skills, I am gifting you a complete written transcript of the course as a downloadable E-Book, with added highlights of all the central points and clear step-by-step instructions. The E-Book is yours for FREE with the purchase of the video series.

The Self-Help Workbook

Your self-help workbook begins with a quiz to remind you about the important topics covered in the course. [Yes, you’ll get the answers too!] It also includes forms and detailed instructions on how to apply what you’ve learned so that you can start your own self-help exposure practices. The Workbook is yours for FREE with the purchase of the video series.

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Meet Your Coach

REID WILSON, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist based in Chapel Hill, NC, is the author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry, the classic self-help book Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks, and the online self-help course Stop Worrying: Powerful New Tools for Anxiety Relief. He is the co-author with Edna Foa, Ph.D., of Stop Obsessing! How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsions and co-author with Lynn Lyons, LICSW, of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: 7 Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Courageous & Independent Children, as well as Playing with Anxiety: Casey’s Guide for Teens and Kids.

Dr. Wilson is a Founding Clinical Fellow of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) and Fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). He designed American Airlines’ first national program for the fearful flier and served as the expert on anxiety for WebMD’s Mental Health Community. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN, The Katie Show, A&E’s Hoarders, and MTV’s True Life. Dr. Wilson received ADAA’s highest award in 2014 and was honored with the Patricia Perkins Service Award by the International OCD Foundation in 2019. His newest online course, OCD & the 6-Moment Game: Strategies & Tactics, will be released in January 2022.