Don’t Panic Book & (Self-Help) Kit Bundle


Don’t Panic Book & (Self-Help) Kit Bundle


by Reid Wilson, PhD


Get the book and kit together!

BOOK: This third edition is a rewrite of the original 383 in-depth pages of effective advice and self-help skills for those suffering from incapacitating panic symptoms, plus more than fifty additional pages of new content! Patients gain control of their anxiety by learning the most up-to-date cognitive-behavioral techniques for panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobia, simple phobia and the fear of flying (Reid Wilson, Ph.D.).

KIT: This unique kit gives patients immediate access to the valuable skills needed to face panic through a convenient four-part system. 

PART 1:  104-page instruction manual.

PART 2: 8 Audio-Taped Programs on 4 individual CDs.

PART 3:  33 Skill Cards.

PART 4:  Skill Practice Tear-Off Sheets. The Kit is completely self-explanatory and walks the patient through every phase of the recovery process, using detailed instructions, step-by-step guides, and over thirty separate self-help techniques. (Reid Wilson, Ph.D.).

Buy the book & Self-Help Kit together & save $8.99.