Facing Panic Book Second Edition


Facing Panic Book Second Edition


by Reid Wilson, PhD

Publisher: Anxiety Disorders Association of America
ISBN: 0-935943-05-4


Facing Panic, Second Edition: Self Help for People with Panic Attacks A straightforward 86-page booklet, offering seven self-help steps for recovery from panic attacks. Learn the most up-to-date approach to mastering panic and regaining control of your life. The essential information you need delivered in an easy-to-read style

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • STEP 1: Recognize the Cycle of Your Panic
    • Breaking free of the panic cycle
  • STEP 2: Learn about Conditioning and the Body’s Special Emergency Response
  • STEP 3: Practice the Calming Skills 
    • Calming your breath
    • Quieting your body
  • STEP 4: Adopt a New Self-Help Strategy
  • STEP 5: Purposely Create Your Symptoms
  • STEP 6: Taking Your Skills Out Into Your World
    • Planning your practice
    • What to do if your physical sensations or worries become too uncomfortable for you
  • STEP 7: Now, Greet Panic in your Daily Life
    • Stop resisting panic
  • Choice 1: Permit your symptoms
  • Choice 2: Provoke your symptoms
  • Some Final Words