Don’t Panic Book – 2009 Edition


Don’t Panic Book – 2009 Edition


by Reid Wilson, PhD

Publisher: HarperPerennial
ISBN: 0-06-095160-5


Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks
Third Edition – 2009

  • 381 in-depth pages, written for the patient
  • The attitudes that promote recovery & the strategies to overcome panic, plus more than 50 pages of new content
  • Self-help skills for panic disorder, social phobias and the fear of flying
  • The most comprehensive evaluation of all recommended medications


Are you one of the more than nineteen million Ameri­cans who suffer from anxiety? Don’t panic. Newly re­vised and expanded, this book offers a straightfor­ward and remarkably effective self-help program for overcoming panic and coping with anxious fears. With insight and compassion, Reid Wilson, Ph.D., de­mystifies anxiety attacks and provides indispensable advice, including:

  • how a panic attack happens, what causes it, and how it can affect your life
  • how to recognize, manage, and control the mo­ment of panic
  • how to control the chronic muscle tensions that increase anxiety
  • how to conquer fear and face problems with con­fidence
  • how to decide which medication is right for you
  • how to establish reachable goals and rediscover the joy of living

Take control of your life again with this imminently practical guide.

Table of Contents

Part I: Identifying the Problem
1. Introduction: The Panic Attack 
2. Physical Causes of Paniclike Symptoms 
3. Panic within Psychological Disorders 
4. Agoraphobia and the Panic-Prone Personality 
5. Four Complicating Problems
6. Panic in the Context of Heart and Lung Disorders

Part II: The Nature of Anxiety Attacks
7. The Anatomy of Panic
8. Who’s in Control?
9. Why the Body Reacts

Part III: Don’t Panic Live: Your Moment-by-Moment Strategies
10. Grab a New Attitude
11. Experience: The Greatest Teacher
12. Look for More
13. Stand without Crutches
14. Talk to Panic

Part IV: Support When You Need It 
15. Your Mind’s Observer
16. Find Your Observer 
17. Take a New Stance: Your Supportive Observer 
18. Take the Hit
19. Face Panic
20. The Use of Medications