Stopping The Noise In Your Head Audio Series


Stopping The Noise In Your Head Audio Series


by Reid Wilson, PhD 

ISBN: 9781515902423


Tools to kick the worry addiction once and for all

Did you lock the door? Did you prepare enough? Will you get there on time? What if you forget something? What if someone gets sick? Do you have enough money? From the little daily naggings to the bigger life-impacting thoughts, worry can consume us. It’s time to flip our perspective on this mental chatter and recognize that worry serves a purpose in our lives. In fact, worry can be healthy.

Stopping the Noise in Your Head provides you with a step-by-step approach to overcoming anxiety and worry by moving away from comfort, confidence, and security…and willingly moving toward uncertainty, distress, and discomfort.
Drawing on a range of sources—from firefighters and fitness instructors to Sir Isaac Newton and Muhammad Ali—Stopping the Noise in Your Head demonstrates the importance of shifting our perspective and stepping toward our challenges in order to regain control of our lives.

  • Learn to identify the difference between heart-racing, sweaty-palm Signals (I just missed the train!) and Noise (What if I miss the train?)
  • Detect anxiety-ridden patterns by catching yourself in the midst of them
  • Use the power of perspective—“This is hard, and I can handle it”—to get through
  • Choose to feel clumsy, awkward, unsure, and afraid as a means for managing distress
  • Pinpoint situations when you must “act as though”

Worry is a game. Anxiety’s best strategy is to convince you to spend most of your energy worrying about how to protect yourself or someone else against harm. It scores points by getting you to worry and then step back instead of step forward into the action. Stopping the Noise will arm you with the strategies you need to defeat your opponent once and for all.