Don't Panic Self-help Kit (with CDs)

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ISBN: 9780963068354

  • The Don’t Panic Self-Help Kit
  • The first self-help kit for panic disorder!
  • Breathing, relaxation and imagery skills
  • Easy reminders during practice sessions
  • Schedule and learn from each practice

The Don’t Panic Self-Help Kit is a practical tool for creating behavioral change. With this exciting, easy-to-use program, panic patients can learn to face and control their anxiety quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Reid Wilson brings patients one step closer to taking control of their anxiety with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use self-help program. Based on the latest self-directed learning theories, The Don’t Panic Self-Help Kit requires no instruction from the physician. It can help augment the medication treatment of the panic patient.


About the Author

R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D. directs the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. He is also Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Wilson specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  He designed and served as lead psychologist for American Airlines’ first national program for the fearful flier. Dr. Wilson is on the Board of Directors of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. He served as Program Chair of the National Conferences on Anxiety Disorders from 1988-1991.


Table of Contents

Four-Part System

This unique kit gives patients immediate access to the valuable skills needed to face panic through a convenient four-part system.

PART 1:  104-page instruction manual

Section topics:

  • How to Design your Program
  • Shift Your Attitude
  • Practice Breathing Skills, Relaxation, and Meditation
  • Practice Success Imagery
  • Handle Your Worries
  • Handle Your Physical Symptoms

PART 2:  8 Audio-Taped Programs on 4 individual CDs

  • CD 1A: Cue-Controlled Deep Muscle Relaxation
  • CD 1B: Generalized Relaxation and Imagery
  • CD 2A: Practicing the Breathing Skills
  • CD 2B: Acoustic Meditation
  • CD 3A: Finding Personal Power
  • CD 3B: Three-Minute Success Imageries
  • CD 4A: The Guide: Your Supportive Observer
  • CD 4B: The Guide: Successful Task Imagery

PART 3:  33 Skill Cards

Skill categories include:

  • Relaxation Practice
  • Imagery Practice
  • Practice Handling Worries
  • Practice Handling Physical Symptoms
  • Attitude Shifts

PART 4:  Skill Practice Tear-Off Sheets

  • Step 3: Weekly Practice Goals
  • Step 4: Preparing to Practice
  • Step 5: After-Practice and After-Panic Inventory

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