Facing Panic Book – Second Edition



A straightforward 81 page booklet, offering seven self-help steps for recovery from panic attacks. Learn the most up-to-date approach to mastering panic and regaining control of your life. The essential information you need delivered in an easy-to-read style.

About the Author

R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D. directs the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. He is also Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Wilson specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  He designed and served as lead psychologist for American Airlines’ first national program for the fearful flier. Dr. Wilson is on the Board of Directors of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. He served as Program Chair of the National Conferences on Anxiety Disorders from 1988-1991.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • STEP 1: Recognize the Cycle of Your Panic
    • Breaking free of the panic cycle
  • STEP 2: Learn about Conditioning and the Body’s Special Emergency Response
  • STEP 3: Practice the Calming Skills 
    • Calming your breath
    • Quieting your body
  • STEP 4: Adopt a New Self-Help Strategy
  • STEP 5: Purposely Create Your Symptoms
  • STEP 6: Taking Your Skills Out Into Your World
    • Planning your practice
    • What to do if your physical sensations or worries become too uncomfortable for you
  • STEP 7: Now, Greet Panic in your Daily Life
    • Stop resisting panic
  • Choice 1: Permit your symptoms
  • Choice 2: Provoke your symptoms
  • Some Final Words

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