Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying


Here is a self-help program for those who are having trouble remaining comfortable during a commercial flight or who now avoid flying because of their fears. You’ll learn about how some of the causes of fear of flying, and why flying anxieties are so tough to control. Then you will learn a step-by-step approach to flying comfortably.

What People Fear about Flying

  • panic attacks
  • weather
  • closed in spaces
  • clouds
  • heights
  • turbulence
  • crowds
  • takeoffs
  • stuffiness
  • landings
  • nausea
  • flying over water
  • embarrassing self
  • traveling more than a certain length of time
  • being trapped (door closing)
  • trusting pilots
  • being out of control
  • trusting air traffic controllers
  • crashing
  • trusting airline industry
  • dying trusting
  • the mechanics
  • being far away from loved ones
  • trusting the integrity of the plane

How this self-help program was created. I had the opportunity to design the first national program for the fearful flier (sponsored by American Airlines).  This program is based on that successful seminar and on my years of experience working with people desiring to fly comfortably again.  We have also developed a take-home course for those who are afraid to fly, called Achieving Comfortable Flight.

Here is an audio sample of what you can expect in the digital Achieving Comfortable Flight self-help kit:

Home Study


Achieving Comfortable Flight

Taking the Anxiety Out of Airline Travel


Chapter 21

Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks

Fear of Flying Self-Help Program

4 Most Common Causes of the Fear of Flying

You may not be able to pinpoint when your anxiety about flying began. Many people, though, can identify at least one of four different circumstances that contributed to their first problems with flying.

Obstacles to Achieving Comfortable Flight

Even though one out of every six adult Americans is afraid of flying, a very small percentage seek out help for their fears. For those who do confront their worries and symptoms, the task of getting more comfortable often takes significant encouragement and an extra dose of effort. Here are some of the reasons why.

7 Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

If you are afraid to fly, there are a number of steps you can take to overcome this fear. Your very first step needs to be motivation: facing anxiety is indeed uncomfortable, so you need to become determined to choose air travel as the safest, easiest, quickest way to reach those far-away destinations.

How Safe is Flying?

Safety is a concern of everyone who flies or contemplates it. I can provide you with volumes of information about the attention to safety given by the airline industry. No other form of transportation is as scrutinized, investigated and monitored as commercial aviation.

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