The Noise In Your Head – 6 Episode Video Series

The Noise In Your Head — 6-Episode Video Series

Learn to Manage Your Anxiety In this 6-Episode Video Series

“The Noise in Your Head” video series captures the essence of Dr. Reid Wilson’s groundbreaking new book, Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry, and delivers it in 6 concise, comedic installments.

The series follows Susan, a young woman struggling with anxiety, as she applies the principles of the book to everyday occurrences and engages Anxiety in a competition to win her life back. Trailing Susan from yoga class to a blind date to the window seat of an airplane, we witness firsthand how Dr. Wilson’s theory can be applied to all situations so that we can once and for all learn to overcome the noise in our head.

Episode 1 – Meet Your Competitor: Anxiety

When Anxiety generates unhelpful worries and obsessions–we’ll call them ‘noise’–then Anxiety becomes a cunning and persuasive challenger. To take him on, you’ll need an outcome picture, grit, trust and courage.

Episode 2 – Ditching Content, Welcoming Uncertainty

Anxiety wants to drag you down into the content of your worries. Don’t get sucked into content! Instead, try living with doubt and uncertainty. You could even start to welcome the uncertainty. Crazy, right?

Episode 3 – Willingly Seek Out Discomfort

You must go toward the stuff that scares you, but action is not enough. Willingly choose to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and unsure. Talk to yourself! Give yourself instructions and motivating messages that help you purposely seek out what you want to avoid.

Episode 4 – Do the Opposite!

Ignore Anxiety’s messages as you move toward your task. If that doesn’t work, then try this on for size: Ask Anxiety to give you more of the thoughts and feelings that are scaring you. And then, as always, just turn your attention back to your task.

Episode 5 – Get Scared, Score Points

The game is simple: Score points against Anxiety and begin to win your life back.

Episode 6 – Living with Anxiety

For all of us, Anxiety is here to stay. Sometimes it can be incredibly helpful, signaling something worthy of our attention. And the rest of the time? Well, the rest is just noise. It’s time to leave the noise behind. Learn more about how to stop the noise at

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