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Clinical Strategies and Self-Help Tactics That Help Patients Challenge OCD Every Day

New Jersey Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapists (online) Learning objectives: At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to: Instruct clients in logically dismantling the dysfunctional OCD metacognitions Apply a new, internally-consistent paradoxical frame of reference to OCD Explain how to activate “approach” emotions toward anxious uncertainty during exposure Teach patients how to ... Read more

Taking on OCD: Clinical Strategies and Self-Help Tactics

North Carolina Psychological Association Annual Conference (online) The strong, rigid beliefs of clients with OCD can seem intimidating to any therapist. Treatment can be difficult, but it is not complex. If you look under the hood, the driving force of this dominant disorder is always the same: “This obsessive thought is important. Get rid of ... Read more

Playing against OCD: Strategies for the 6-Moment Game

OCD New Jersey Annual Conference (ONLINE)

The tenacity and strength of OCD can be intimidating to both therapist and client. Obviously, winning over OCD requires trust and faith in the principles of treatment, since resistance to change often stems from distressing uncertainty. But success also requires the resilience to push forward despite adversity. Ultimately, we are looking for a lifestyle of ... Read more