Self-Help Coaching

Self-Help Coaching

Are you looking for one-on-one coaching?

reid-wilson-headshot-2021Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety, panic, phobias, or OCD? Do you want help for fear of flying, health-related worries, or social anxiety? Let Dr. Wilson help you to face your difficulties, overcome your symptoms, and restore a sense of hope and normalcy to your life.

Who can benefit from this online self-help coaching?

  • Anyone who feels stuck or confused about how to handle their OCD or their anxiety disorder – including panic disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder
  • Anyone who wants advice on how to strengthen their self-help skills

What you’ll get in your session(s):

  • Dr. Wilson will answer your specific questions 
  • You’ll learn the best ways to think about your problem and how to fix it through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills
  • Dr. Wilson will explain how to apply CBT self-help skills to your specific concerns
  • Get a personalized approach, so you’ll know what it takes for you to get stronger

Schedule a self-help coaching session

Start with a single 45-minute consultation session with Dr. Wilson.
$275 USD

Book Additional Sessions

If you decide on an additional session or sessions, feel free to book them here.
$245 USD per 45-minute session

Once you purchase:

  • Our office manager, Sylvia, will contact you with available dates and times. Our time zone in North Carolina, USA is UTC-5. During daylight savings time we are UTC-4.
  • You will have a choice of video platforms: Zoom, Skype, or
  • If you choose to use Zoom or Skype, you will have the option to record the session to study later.

What is not included:

Dr. Wilson will not diagnose mental health disorders or provide treatment. If you are currently in treatment, it is best to ask your provider if you can consult with Dr. Wilson on self-help strategies.


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